Chobani Greek Yogurt Review

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4/ 5


Manufacturer: Chobani Yogurt
Type: Greek Yogurt
Release Date: 2012
Price: $1.80 for 170 gram tub


- Natural, high protein, low sugar.


- Concentrate used for fruit, no bigger servings

A tasty, all natural yogurt to shake up the big players.

by kenny
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What is Chobani Yogurt

Chobani is one the great success stories we love to hear about. Started in 2005 by Turkish immigrant Hamdi Ulukaya, Chobani Yogurt has grown quickly to become the number one selling yogurt in the United States – more than established players such as Yoplait. This success has given Ulukaya a personal net wealth of over 1.1 billion dollars.

But enough of the success story – onto the yogurt! Chobani yoghurt (pronouneed CHO-BAHN-KNEE) is an all natural Greek style yogurt made with no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. Made to authentic recipes, no thickeners are used in Chobani yogurts, with the excess liquid strained away to leave a naturally thick product. Due to this technique, Chobani yogurts have twice the protein and less sugar than ordinary yogurts. That’s about 13 grams of protein per serving.

It also contains five active cultures, including three probiotics (L. Acidophilus, Bifidus, and L. Casei). For our vegetarian, celiacs and kosher friends, Chobani is also gluten free, Kosher certified and suitable for vegetarians.

Chobani have recently spread their wings and launched their product in Australia with a range of non and low fat products. This includes a range of fruit flavoured yogurts including strawberry, passionfruit, pineapple, mango, peach and blueberry in individual 170 gram tubs. A plain non fat and low fat variety is also available in 170 gram and 907 gram tubs. All products are made locally, with local milk which is great for the Australian dairy industry.

Taste Testing…


The Global Playbook managed to try the passionfruit and strawberry varieties because… well our bodies are temples that we need to look after. The first thing you notice about Chobani yogurt is it is quite thick – to the point where edges can be formed and the yogurt maintains its shape after a spoonful. Thankfully it’s nice, soft and creamy in your mouth with a good texture. In the fruit varieties, you’ll find an ample amount of fruit on the bottom of the 170 gram cup, so make sure you mix it in.

Disappointingly sugars, concentrates and thickeners (albeit natural thickeners) have been used for the fruit mix. The ingredients are all still natural, but it would have been a great differentiation in the market. That said, I’m a fan and a convert and not sure I can go back to watery standard yogurts again.

Chobani Yogurt is a great snack that’s readily accessible at most supermarkets. It’s thick, creamy and better for you than most normal yogurts and available at a reasonable price. If only it were available in more value packed bigger tubs…

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    love the stuff…came across it occidentally and now am converting my health conscience family

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