East 9th Brewing – Fog City Cloudy Cider Review

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Value For Money


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4.5/ 5


Manufacturer: East 9th Brewing Company
Type: Cloudy Cider (Apple & Pear)
Release Date: 2010
Price: ~$6-7 Bottle (500 ml).


- Refreshing, full bodied, tart apple flavour


- Doesn't come in smaller servings.

A full bodied, tart and crisp apple and pear cider. Just make sure you’re thirsty or have a friend!

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Fog City Cloudy Cider is a cloudy apple and pear cider made in New Zealand. The brewers, East 9th Brewing Company of course are based in Prahran, an inner city suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Always up for a great yarn, the creators,  the East 9th Brewing Company say that the Fog City Cloudy Cider is an ode to the free movement community of San Francisco. The logo is another point of interest. Designed by LA based Mimi Yoon, it perfectly exudes the Fog City theme with a bit of mystery, danger and intrigue. More disturbingly, they claim that “…Fog City has been made from any fruit we can gather, crushed (by any means possible) and left for ages until we give up whatever’s left”. An interesting story then amongst the stories of careful hand crafted micro breweries that are increasingly popular today…


Of course, who really cares how its made, if it tastes nice? We’re pretty sure no children or animals were harmed in the making of this cider either, so let’s get onto tasting of the Fog City Cloudy Cider. The Fog City Cloudy Cider sits at 6% alcohol by volume which makes it one of the more potent brews we’ve tried. Available only in 500 ml bottles, the folks at East 9th describe it as a bitter sweet cider premium cider with unmatched body and fullness of flavour.

Pouring the Fog City Cloudy Cider reveals a light cloudy golden colour, very similar to the Lick Pier Ginger Beer. There’s not much in the way of aromatics, but take a gulp and you notice the very light carbonation that gives a nice refreshing hit. There’s a slight initial bitterness followed by a nice tart apple with a hint of crisp pear, followed with quite a dry finish. All in all, another great cider in an increasingly crowded market that’s a bit different to the rest.

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