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Manufacturer: Full Sail Brewing Company
Type: Beer (Weizen Bock and Doppelbock)
Release Date: 2012
Price: Varied - see website.


- Great unique range of beers brewed with love.


- Limited availability of the special brews, especially outside of the US.

A great sample of a brewery that has been built from a labour of love. These beers have been brewed with taste, quality and importantly fun in mind.

by nickpirollo
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Full Sail Brewing Company is a brewery based out of Oregon, but don’t let the state it’s from fool you when it comes to the quality of this brewery.  The company is independently owned and operated – a fact that shows in the beers they currently have in their lineup.

Being from Philadelphia – a city that is usually referred to as a “great city for beer” – I often get to try a long line of specialty and microbrew beers from around the area and other parts of the country.  With that said, I am always looking for the next great thing that is coming into town and love to be able to try things out before my friends do so I can be the one bringing the good stuff to our tables.

That beer coming to the area is not actually just a single type this time, but, a whole line of beers from Full Sail Brewing Company including the Amber, IPA, Brown and Lager everyone is used to, as well as, a few specialty beers form their Brewer’s Share and Brewmasters lines.

The base line are all of the quality you would expect from a break through brewery – they stay true to the flavors of the classic styles of beer – but what sticks out are their two specialty lines which include two beers I was given the pleasure to try.  The Brewer’s Share Vendell Veizen Weizen Bock (see more here) and Brewmaster’s Pale Dopplebock (see more here) were the beers of choice here.

Full Sail Brewing Co Vendell Veizen Weizen Bock


The Weizen Bock was a reddish-amber colored beer that had a nice wheat style brew. It’s a bit more carbonated than expected, and pours with a nice head. There were subtle hints of tropical fruits that stood out when the beer was nice and cold and just opened – making it a great beer for the spring season coming up, albeit still at 7.2% alcohol by volume.  The packaging on this beer was exceptionally clever – it is wrapped in a “share” of the IPO (Initial Pub Offering) adding a little flair to the bottle that made the beer feel a bit more above the rest.

Full Sail Brewing Co Pale Dopplebock


The Pale Dopplebock was on the stronger side at 9% ABV making it a bit heavier of a beer.  There were hints of caramel and honey as stated and the overall tone of the beer you could tell it was meant to be a beer for lovers of hops.  This special brew was made in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Full Sail Brewing and is definitely worthy of the title of a good pale.


Overall, I was pleased with the whole offering from Full Sail Brewing and am excited about it coming to locations in Philadelphia soon.  The Weizen Bock will definitely be a new regular on my shelves when it becomes available.

If you want to learn more about Full Sail Brewing Co and what they are about: visit their website, or skip straight to see where you can get some for yourself!

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