Grand Ridge Brewery Yarra Valley Gold Ale Review

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Value For Money


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4/ 5


Manufacturer: Grand Ridge Brewery
Type: Bottle Conditioned Ale
Price: $70 for carton of 24 x 330 ml bottles


- All natural, balanced, hoppy greatness


- Not for everyone

A true balanced ale, great hoppyness – a beer lover’s beer.

by kenny
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Grand Ridge Brewery is an Australian boutique brewery situated in Mirboo North, a small area in the Gippsland area of Victoria. Chosen for its access to some of the best waters of Australia, Grand Ridge have been brewing since 1989. Today Grand Ridge are still brewing to their original ethos of making an all natural, flavoursome and pure beer with no added chemicals – A bit like the German purity laws meaning better taste, and less pain for you the next day. Their range has expanded a little to include a series of limited releases from time to time, alongside their staples – such as the Yarra Valley Gold Ale we are looking at today.

The Grand Ridge Yarra Valley Gold Ale

The Yarra Valley Gold has been brewed to complement the spectacular food from the Yarra Valley region according to the label and goes well with bold gamey foods like kangaroo, venison, quail and duck. Grand Ridge describe the beer as a full bodied real ale with a lively hop and smooth malt finish. With the newer modern label designs around, the Grand Ridge label does look a bit messy – but it does have a nod to history depicting the Landing Place Home Hotel that was owned by Grand Ridge.



The Grand Ridge Yarra Valley Gold pours to a dark amber colour with minimal head. On the nose I noticed hints of apple, chocolate and toasty aromas. Taking a sip, and you’ll find the Yarra Valley Gold is quite a hoppy ale. It is well balanced however with a great hoppy initial hit that finishes with a nice lingering bitterness and hints of a dark beer chocolatey-ness. At 4.9% alcohol by volume, the Grand Ridge Yarra Valley Gold isn’t the strongest around.


Grand Ridge are one of the most established players of the Australian brewing scene and continue to make very good staples such as the Yarra Valley Gold to their traditions. They Yarra Valley Gold is a prime example of what these guys can do and is a flavoursome, balanced and hoppy ale that is reminiscent of the cask conditioned ales in the UK. This is definitely one for beer lovers.

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