Small Acres Cyder Poire Review

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4.5/ 5


Manufacturer: Small Acres Cyder
Type: Pear Cider
Release Date: 2012
Price: $85 for carton of 24 x 330ml bottles


- Light, crisp, fresh and sophisticated


- Getting pricey

A light, crisp, dry pear cider with just a tiny bit of acidity and touch of fruit sweetness to round it all up. A fantastically sophisticated product.

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Located on the foothills of Mount Canobolas in regional New South Wales, Small Acres Cyder is in prime Australian fruit growing country. Here husband and wife team James and Gail Kendall have set up shop and have been producing award winning, traditionally inspired ciders since 2007.

Poire is French for Perry…

The Small Acres Poire is the latest addition to the Small Acres Cyder range and seems to be aimed at attracting the younger market that is seeking out a more sophisticated, premium product. As only the second product in the range available in the 330 ml format, the Poire and its stablemate, the Pomme apple cider feels like it has a much younger vibe unlike the wine-like bigger bottles in the rest of the range. You can check out our thoughts on the Small Acres Pomme here.

Thankfully, Small Acres haven’t strayed too far from their roots and traditions. The Poire is a naturally pressed pear cider or perry that is made to reflect a traditional English style. In keeping with the Small Acres ethos, the Poire is free of artificial colours and flavours and made with 100% fruit. This is reflected in a product that’s natural and a true reflection of the fruit, rather than something reminiscent of a teenage alco-pop.

In keeping with another Small Acres Cyder trend, the Poire is a multi award winner taking out bronze medals at the 2012 Australian Cider Awards and the 2013 Australian Fruit Wine Show.






The Small Acres Poire pours very similarly to its stablemate, the Pomme with a light Champagne fizz. In the glass it’s a very, very pale clear straw colour with soft, but aromatic pear aromas on the nose. Taking a sip or three, there’s a nice fresh juicy pear flavour with a tiny bit of fruit sweetness at the end – similar to biting into a nice fresh and juicy Nashi pear. The finish is nice and dry in what is a brilliantly refreshing pear cider, and you can’t help going back for more.


This is a very sophisticated pear cider that’s light, refreshing and versatile as either an accompaniment to a meal or as a nice session drink on its own. Sitting at 5% alcohol by volume, its a tad lower than the purists would like, but we think its a great modern take on a traditional classic.

The Small Acres Poire is available from good independent retailers of through mail order on the Small Acres Cyder website here. At around $85 for a carton of 24 bottles, its not cheap, but if ever there was a time for quality over quantity, this is it.

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