Small Acres Cyder Pomme Review

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4.5/ 5


Manufacturer: Small Acres Cyder
Type: Apple Cider
Release Date: 2012
Price: $85 for carton of 24 x 330 ml


- Well crafted balance of acidity, sweet and dry - really fresh and refreshing


- Pricey, limited availability

A balanced, exceptional cider hand crafted with care to traditional techniques – what’s not to like?

by kenny
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small_acres_cyder_pommeSmall Acres Cyder is the brainchild of Gail and James Kendall. On the foothills of Mount Canobolas in regional New South Wales, Australia, the Kendalls set out to fill a void in the Australian market – a proper traditional apple cyder… or cider. Drawing on their experience in the UK, the couple have made a range of award winning ciders since 2007. Unlike the majority of ciders in Australia, a range of the ciders from Small Acres is still and not carbonated – just like the ones back in the West Country. Interestingly like wine, Small Acres also include a year to each bottle, presumably to distinguish between the conditions and therefore different characteristics year on year.

Cyder vs. Cider?

Firstly what exactly is a cyder and how does it different from a cider? Unfortunately there’s no easy answer and it depends who you talk to and where you are. In North America, an apple cider is divided into two categories – hard and soft cider. Hard cider is the lovely alcoholic stuff, whereas soft or sweet cider is generally apple juice that has not undergone any filtration or processing to remove sediment or pulp. Apple juice on the other hand has been filtered and pasturised. Elsewhere around the world, cider is generally fermented fruit juice – usually apple – however the Germans like to confuse things further and call it apple wine.

Cyder on the other hand, again depending on who you talk to, is an ye olde English term for cider. Or, some use it to differentiate their fermented juice beverages, with a cyder generally being produced from a single pressing of fruit, and not on a commercial scale. I’m told that like wine, cyder should also mature in the bottle, whereas cider will not.

Clear as mud then…

The Small Acres Pomme

The Small Acres Pomme is the brand’s first venture into the 330 ml bottle format and made to a more contemporary style – and is labelled a cider instead of a cyder. Made to an English style the Pomme is made 100% from natural cider apples grown in Orange (For non-Aussies, Orange is a town in regional New South Wales, Australia). No water, flavours or sugars are added for a true reflection of the apples, with perhaps an influence of the true region and season. In a departure from the rest of the range, the Pomme is actually one of the few ciders that is carbonated. Rest assured, the quality is still there and the Pomme managed to take out a Bronze medal at the 2012 Australian Fruit Wine Show.


The Pomme is a clear light coloured cider, with a mild carbonation – similar to a good champagne with nice small beads that accentuate the flavour. Take a sip and you get nice freshly crushed apple flavours before a slightly tart, dry finish. It’s got a nice balance of acidity and sweetness that just hits the spot on a hot day – like the hot spells parts of Australia is currently experiencing! This is definitely a cider that you can enjoy a few of and would be a great accompaniment to meals. I’m thinking a nice seafood dish, or even a spicy curry.

The Small Acres Pomme is available in a case of 24 x 330 ml bottles for $85 (AUD) from their online order form. The Global Playbook will update this as we get a list of retailers.



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