Cheddar Pocket Kevin Magic Wallet Review

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4/ 5


Manufacturer: Cheddar Pocket
Type: Magic Wallet
Year: 2013
Price: $44.95


- About as compact as it gets. Eye-catching looks.


- Won't fit some bigger notes without extra folding

An eye-catching sophisticated and very compact magic wallet that’s great for those seeking maximum slimness.

by kenny
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Following on from our Cheddar Pocket feature, it’s only natural we wanted a closer look. Cheddar Pocket duly obliged and have sent us a number of review units. As you may have noticed, Cheddar Pocket have decided to give all their products men’s names. Whether this provides a closer attachment to your wallet I’m not sure, but the first we’re taking a look at is named Kevin.


The Kevin is one of two magic wallets that Cheddar Pocket make. To differentiate itself from its sibling, Gregory, the Kevin utilises a higher quality full grain leather, and has a rounded finish instead of stitching on the front and back card pockets. Apart from that, the two are quite similar even down to its remarkably compact size. The Kevin and Gregory measure 10.5 x 7.0 x 1.0 cm. To put that into perspective, your standard credit card only measures about 8.6 x 5.4 cm.


Featuring the standard recognisable Cheddar Pocket triangle on the front and back, the Kevin is eye catching and sophisticated with its contrasting stitching to break up the soft matte black leather. Interestingly the elastic straps that provide the ‘magic’ are finished in a smooth and soft elastic, that adds to the quality feel. The compact size is great, although it does seem to be made for countries with smaller note sizes, which is something to be considered for those in the UK, Europe or other ‘big-note’ countries. Some adjustment is even required after chucking in your Australian notes, but to be fair this seems to be a trait common with most of the ‘magic’ wallets.


Construction wise, it all feels well put together with consistent straight stitching, which is quite important given the contrasting colour.

The Cheddar Pocket Kevin Magic Wallet is available from the Cheddar Pocket online store for $44.95 and selected independent retailers. The sibling Gregory Magic Wallet made out of eco-leather is available for $24.95. For a limited time, Cheddar Pocket are offering 20% off it’s range via their online store. To take advantage of this offer, simply enter ‘CHEDDAR20′ at checkout, or check out the flyer below.

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