A Footwear Experience with John Lobb the Bootmaker

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It can be hard to find quality shoes sometimes.  You spend big bucks and the bloody things fall apart on you after a year.  With so many brands out there, who can you trust?  If you’re looking for unparalleled quality, then you need to go to John Lobb the Bootmaker.


 Born in 1825, the original John Lobb came from a Cornish family and built his quality footwear shop on St James Street in London.  The shop today still stands, despite being blown apart 6 times during the Blitz.  While he was alive John Lobb built a reputation for having some of the finest handmade boots in the country.  Lobb has made boots for everyone from Edward, Prince of Wales, to Roald Dahl, to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.  You can’t beat having a prince, author AND two of the biggest names in music as patrons. John Lobbs reputation still stands as ordering a pair of boots from John Lobb is an experience in itself.


First you must meet with the Fitter, who will measure your feet to every detail and note down all indents, protrusions, etc.  These notes then get passed on to the Last-Maker, who will construct a replica of your foot which he carves from a solid piece of maple, beech or horn-beam.  After your pair of shoes is made, your wooden foot will be kept on hand for any future shoes you might want. The Pattern-Cutter, Clicker and Maker will then measure, cut and assemble all the pieces of your shoe using quality leather and long-wearing Lobb soles. Finally the Socker adds the unique inner leather lining with the shops’ seal and royal warrant printed in gold. The shoes then get passed along to the Tree-Maker, who fits a shoe-tree in your shoes to help them maintain their shape for years to come and the Polisher who, well, I’m sure you can figure that one out.


Needless to say, this process can take months, but at the end you’ll have the best shoes around – set to rival those of Kings!

For more information on the unique selection of quality shoes from John Lobb, check out the Official Website.

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