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One thing that we haven’t talked a great deal about here at the GBP are jewellery.  There can be a bit of stigma attached to men’s jewellery, but it’s unfounded and rapidly changing.  Having the right watch, ring, bracelet or necklace can breathe more confidence into an already stylish look.  These are the flourishes; the small additions that can make a massive difference.  With that, let’s take a peek at some of the most stylish necklaces from popular brand, Links of London.

The Links of London Steel Element Dog Tag Necklace for Men


You might have a preconception about necklaces being bulky and cumbersome.  While this might be true for the variety that women wear, it’s simply not the case with men’s necklaces.  As a general rule Less is More, and the Links of London Steel Element Dog Tag Necklace is the perfect example. This stylish necklace features a central section of black brushed PVD, which is a deliciously bold contrast to the stainless steel design. The pendant comes with a 60 cm belcher style chain offers a bit of weight to this cool necklace.  The Steel Element Dog Tag necklace retails for $132.

The Links of London Venture Pendant Necklace for Men


Reminiscent of a grenade, the Venture Pendant will add a touch of edge to any wardrobe. The raised central element in the pendant works to highlight it’s length and strength.  The Links of London Venture Pendant Necklace would look beautiful paired with a white dress shirt and stylish jeans.  It retails for $233.

The Links of London Mens Soho Dog Tag Pendant


The war motif is strongly associated in men’s jewellery, likely due to the Dog Tag.  The meaning of the dog tag is changing and the item has been embraced as a fashion accessory instead of an ID piece. This pendant incorporates stingray leather for added depth and class. The Soho Dog Tag Pendant retails for $186.

For more information on the stylish collection of men’s necklaces, or to see what else Links of London has in store, check out their Official Website.

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