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Crumpler have always set out to make some pretty nifty bags. Over the years a legion of fans love the style, durability, usability and I’m sure the range of bright colours helps too. The latest collection titled Outpost Project has developed a range of retro outdoor adventurer styled bags into 2013. Crumpler claim these bags are for people that know how to live. Adventurers. Photographers. Riders. Designers. Makers. Thinkiers. Doers. 

So basically everyone really except the couch potato. There’s 6 bags in the collection including 2 commuter backpacks, and 4 bags designed to carry your camera gear. All of course feature Crumpler’s “Till Death Do Us Part Warranty”.

Crumpler Aso Outpost


The Aso Outpost is the first of the commuter backpacks designed to fit a 15 inch laptop. Features include dual openings, airflow back panel, plus sunglasses holder and even a somewhat hidden and lockable laptop sleeve. Made out of 1000 mm Hydrostatic 1000D Field Twill, the Aso Outpost is also water resistant for those sudden downpours.


Available in a ‘Rifle Green’, Brick (basically red) and Blue, your new urban accessory is yours for $195.

Crumpler Cobram Outpost


The Cobram Outpost is labelled as a photo messenger bag. It basically is big enough to store all your camera gear tripod included with enough room for you edit on the go as well with your 15 inch laptop. Cleverly, it also gives you the flexibility to be the ultimate paparazzi with a  retractable third leg stabiliser strap to ensure the bag sits and stays on your back and not in the way. A rain cover means you can stake out any opportunity as well.


Inside, you get 7 adjustable compartments helps you keep everything protected and sorted, along with a sleeve for the laptop and a front tripod strap. Outside, the shoulder strap is even vented to keep you looking and smelling presentable as well. Available in the same Rifle Green and Navy Blue, the Cobram Outpost is retailing for $225 – or a good spy shot.

Crumpler Karachi Outpost


The Crumpler Karachi Outpost. On the outside, it looks like your retro daypack with its boxy looks and 600D Field Twill construction. But like something out of James Bond, the Karachi Outpost has a few nifty features. First you get a removable cradle to hold your camera and all the lenses you desire. Chuck that in and access all your camera gear from the back of the bag, with the main compartment partitioned for all your other gear.


The Karachi Outpost is getting pricey for a bag at $295, but great value for a gadget and a bag in one. Choose yours in Rifle Green, Brick or Blue.

Crumpler Kashgar Outpost


The Crumpler Kashgar Outpost is basically like the Cobram Outpost, but without provisioning for your laptop as well. As a result its a little smaller, but still features the removable compartments like the Cobram along with the rain cover.


You’ll need $175 for the Kashgar Outpost which is available in the full suite of colours for the Outpost collection.

Crumpler Sebang Outpost


The Crumpler Sebang Outpost is for the adventurer who wants to take it all, but somehow also trying to be minimalist. It will fit a full size DSLR, along with your iPad and a couple of lenses, while being as compact as physics will allow. It’s made with the same 600D Field Twill as its siblings and costs a much more minimalist $125.


Crumpler Tondo Outpost


The Crumpler Tondo Outpost is the commuter backpack for 13 inch laptops. Featuring padded laptop sleeve built in, a couple of front pockets and side access to the main compartment, the Tondo Outpost is a solid hard wearing bag. It’s got the retro camping bag type of look you will either love or loathe. At $145 its a solid contender if you’re after something stylish, solid and versatile.


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