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Anthony’s Logistics for Men is a new line of male skin care products that, with its recent features in Details and Men’s Health, is gaining a lot of recognition. Men nowadays recognize the importance of good skin care and Anthony’s Logistics for Men offers numerous products, from facial scrubs and facial wash to soap to body lotion, that can help you achieve healthy skin.


Anthony’s Logistics Acne Facial Cleanser

Their acne facial cleanser is advertised to be a “kindler, gentler” acne cleanser. The reason for this could lie in the chamomille and camellia soothe that are active ingredients in the product. From having tried various skin care products in the past, I know the importance of finding the balance between a product that is effective but not too harsh on the skin. This is what Anthony’s Acne Facial Cleanser is intended to be. Other important ingredients include salicyclic acid and vitamin B5. It is available online for $22.50 for one 8 oz bottle.


Anthony’s Logistics After Shave Balm

A good after-shave product is another essential part of men’s skin care. Keeping your face clear of razor bumps, as well as free of irritation, is just as important as fighting acne and blemishes. This is where Anthony’s After Shave Balm can come in handy. Priced at $20 per 2.5 oz bottle, this product is a blend of natural plant extracts such as allatonin, benzocaine and aloe vera. These ingredients have a very soothing effect on your skin. Vitamins A, C, and E are also in there, to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.


Anthony’s Logistics Mud Scrub Exfoliating Bar

Yes, an exfoliating bar. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using one, as a man. It can make a world of difference in how your skin feels. It’s like being treated to a day at the spa, everyday, in your own personal shower. And feeling good, of course, can have a very positive effect on your lifestyle. Compared to regular soap, Anthony’s Mud Scrub Exfoliating Bar isn’t cheap, at $14.50. But, it’s definitely worth it. It is actually made with deep sea mud, as well as oatmeal extract, glycerin and aloe vera, which smoothes and exfoliates your skin. It’s most certainly worth a try, as it is a unique experience.


Anthony’s Logistics Glycerin Hand and Body Lotion

Like almost all the products offered at Anthony’s Logistics for Men, this isn’t the average kind available at your local supermarket. No, this lotion is made with a special mixture of glycerin, sea kelp, shea butter and aloe vera. The result is that it strengthens and smooths your skin, in a more effective way than the average lotion can. Anthony’s Glycerin Hand and Body Lotion is advertised to “get your skin working the way it’s supposed to.” You can buy this product in a 2.5 oz container for $10 or a 12 fl oz. bottle for $24.

Anthony’s Logistics for Men is really making a name for itself with these unique and innovative products. These are just a few of the skin care products they offer. Trying them will make a huge difference in how your skin looks and feels.

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