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Let’s be honest, there’s not many things more manly than a beard. We’re talking a proper beard though. A beard that is stroke-able while you ponder wise thoughts, like the kind you’d find on a lumberjack, Santa or Confucius. Though sticking to the same line of honest truth, a scruffy unkept beard could also lead to you being mistaken for a hobo, which for most, is generally undesirable. Which is why you need something like the Beard Wash from beard specialists Beard Buddy.

Beard specialists Beard Buddy have a wide range of products to keep you sporting the ultimate facial hair including combs, hankerchiefs, towels, and even beard bibs! Top of the list however is definitely the Beard Wash and is one of their most popular products. Made from a sulfate free vegan friendly blend of organic ingredients and essential oils, Beard Wash will keep the environmental animal lover in you happy. while keeping your beard in soft and in tip top condition. The touted secret recipe of essential oils will act to moisturise and cleansing the skin supporting it underneath as well. Instructions are pretty damn simple – Massage into your beard and face and wash away… like how you hopefully wash the rest of your body.

Beard Wash is handcrafted in Los Angeles, California out of the good o’l USA. It is available in a 2 ounce travel size or a standard 4 oz. Prices start at $14, to the $24 for the 4 ounce bottle. Get in quick though as they do seem to sell out quickly of the Beard Wash at least. Better yet, combine with a few more beard loving products like the Beard Buddy Dog Tag Comb to groom the the ultimate chin afro. Beard Buddy products are avaiable via the online store or selected stockists in California, Colorado, Georgia, Canada and Australia.

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