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With the Easybreath, the watersports experts at Tribord have redefined the traditional snorkelling mask. For snorkelling novices, the old style of mask can sometimes be rather difficult to get to grips with, and even for those with more experience, it’s not exactly the most comfortable bit of kit. However, the Easybreath looks set to change all that.

The Easybreath by Tribord

With an innovative design that covers the entire face, the Easybreath makes breathing underwater much more natural. Rather than the traditional two-piece design with a mask for your eyes and a tube for your mouth, the Easybreath combines the two, allowing users to breathe through their nose or their mouth as they would on land. Breathing through a conventional snorkel is quite unnatural—not to mention, unhygienic—but since you’re not actually breathing through a tube, just breathing inside the mask, the Easybreath removes this discomfort.

The full face coverage has another benefit, offering a superior viewing angle than a traditional eye-mask whilst still being comfortable to wear and, most importantly, very secure. As you might imagine, safety is a top priority for this product, and as such has been taken very seriously. Not only has the top of the snorkel tube been made highly visible to avoid any unwanted collisions, but the tube itself is fitted with a mechanism that ensures that water can’t fill your face mask. Should it be completely immersed in water, the top of the snorkel will be plugged until you resurface.

If you’re an expert snorkeller or you’re just starting out, the Easybreath will no doubt improve your experience, making you more comfortable, letting you see more whilst you’re down there and keeping you safe. The Easybreath is available in a variety of colours and retails for €39.95. At present, it is only available in one adult size, but a smaller model is set for release in 2015.

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