Calvin Klein’s Eternity Aqua For Men

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When it comes to cologne, I’m really particular. I’m not into fragrances that are too strong and musky. I like my cologne to have a distinctive smell, but for it to also be nice and subtle. In my opinion, Calvin Klein‘s cologne fits this bill. It has been my personal favorite for years. There are quite a few great ones to choose from but Eternity by Calvin Klein has always stood out. The people at Calvin Klein have reinvented this signature cologne as Eternity Aqua.


Eternity Aqua for Men has many of the great qualities that made the original Eternity scent so great. The company advertises the cologne as “confident, relaxed, sophisticated.” The smell of it certainly makes you feel that way when you wear it. Like the original Eternity, there is a lightness to it. It’s by no means weak, but it’s not coming on too strong, either. This is probably the way Calvin Klein would describe the ideal man who purchases Eternity Aqua for Men. Their website states it is inspired by the ocean, with its sea-blue color and freshness, as well as the “effortless elegance of a confident, refined man.”

Calvin Klein describes it fragrance as aquatic-woody. It contains notes of chilled cucumber, lavender, water-drenched green leaves, and sandalwood. This further explains its fresh smell. Eternity Aqua for Men smells like a fresh spring morning out on the beach. Male cologne is too often associated with being overpowering and tacky in its smell and fragrance. But, Calvin Klein gives their men’s cologne a particularly classy touch that make them timeless.

Eternity Aqua for Men is available in a 1.7 oz bottle for $54 and a 3.4 oz bottle for $69, from Calvin Klein’s official website. There are, of course, also various gift sets available at your local department stores. If you want some of that sophisticated self-confidence to rub off on you, I’d suggest you go out and buy some.

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