Denon’s Music Maniac Artisan; The Best in Headphones

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If you haven’t heard of Denon then you have been out of the loop for a long time; since 1910, to be precise.  The Japanese electronics company has been bringing us the best in audio technology since inception (gramophone, anyone?) and 2013 is no exception with the release of the Denon AH-D7100, also known as the Music Maniac Artisan Headphones.  These quality headphones will make you want to throw out your ear buds in disgust!


Denon Music Maniac; The Tech

The main attraction in these headphones is Denon’s custom-developed 50mm Free Edge Nano Fiber Drivers.  These puppies are designed to get the best sound with sonic clarity.  The Music Maniac Artisan headphones are tuned by the professional studio engineers over at Denon to be acoustically pure as soon as you take them out of the box. The quality is apparently so clear that you’ll be able to hear all the subtle musical shifts that you might miss with other headphones.  The headphones also feature colour coded detachable cable connections and ships with two cables – one 10 foot long oxygen free audiophile cable with a gold-plated adapter jack to help you stretch out across your room. The other cable is a smaller 3 foot cable with a super nifty in-line remote and microphone, making it possible for you to control your iPhone, iPod and/or iPad.

Denon Music Maniac; The Look

So these headphones have got the tech quality to keep you happy, but unfortunately aren’t the best in style.  The AH-D7100 headphones feature hand carved mahogany wood ear cups, which add a retro look to the black and silver colour scheme.  The mahogany wood also offers better acoustic value than the commonly used plastic cups.  Though compromising the style somewhat, Denon has (wisely) chosen to put more energy into the feel of the headphones.  In fact, you could say they’re a bit obsessed; Denon’s engineers have studied over 4,000 sets of ears from around the globe.  The goal: to make the most comfortable set of headphones in the world regardless of ear size, ear placement, head size or jaw depression. Denon’s ear pads are made from memory foam, which helps reduce the dead space around the ear.  The ball & socket ear cup design can be adjusted 360 degrees for a custom fit. The glass fibre reinforced moulded ear hanger is strong as well as cosy. It doesn’t get more comfortable than the Denon Music Maniac.

If you’re looking for quality, go no further than the Music Maniac headphones – but make sure you start saving up; these puppies retail for a whopping $1,200.

Get the App

If you’re looking to listen to tunes on your smartphone, it’s best to check out the Denon Audio smartphone app. Why get it?  Well, you can create, store, and share custom EQ curves.  It features a real-time spectrum analyser to help you create and store custom playlists.

For more information on the Music Maniac Headphones, check out Denon’s Official Website.

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