Drink Up the Mystery with Glenlivet Alpha

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glenlivet_alphaIn the wine world, blind tastings are quite common, designed to try to remove a taster’s preconceptions to brand, regions, varieties, or even the pretty packaging. In whisky land, blind tastings are quite commonly conducted by judging panels to ensure the fairest result. Now Glenlivet have taken this up a notch to the commercial level with the Glenlivet Alpha.

Bottled in a dark mysterious bottle, the Glenlivet Alpha is a single malt that sits at 50% alcohol by volume, and only 3,500 bottles will be released. The difference is here that nothing about the whisky will be revealed at launch. There will be no tasting notes, no age, no mention of what barrels are used, basically nothing telling you what you should be tasting, or any pre-conceptions clouding your thoughts. Glenlivet will also run a campaign aimed at helping customers develop their tasting notes and perceptions based on sight, taste, smell and feel . They will then have a chance to compare when Glenlivet master distiller Alan Winchester will then reveal everything but the age on June 3, 2013 via a global broadcast on the Glenlivet website and Facebook page. Interestingly, the withholding of the Alpha’s age is due to Scotch Whisky Association guidelines that state that if the age is not stated on the bottle, it cannot be revealed afterwards.

The Glenlivet Alpha is available now for around $120 in 15 global markets including the US, UK, Taiwan and France. While it’s obviously a marketing scheme, it’s definitely a very intriguing way to grow the brand’s awareness and create some excitement and fun. It’s also great to see a whisky company actively engaging the public and trying to grow its awareness, customer base and get on board with social media. If you’ve got a bottle, we’d love to hear from you, or find out more on the official website video.

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