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Watches are making a comeback!  The masses are starting to return to these stylish accessories in packs.  It’s great too because there is a diverse selection of brands to choose from, depending on whether you’re looking for tech savvy, retro or stylish.  Today we’re going to take a peek at a new brand that is turning heads with their rustic collection of masculine time pieces; rvnDSGN.


rvnDSGN is a boutique time piece brand that was established in 2011.  Their unique watches are built using the latest in 3D additive manufacturing technology.  This technology leaves a slightly different grain on each watch, meaning that every watch designed and produced by rvnDSGN is unique. Each time piece is made per order in the USA, meaning that the watch you purchase has been made specifically for you. rvnDSGN prides themselves on using the highest quality materials for their watches.  This includes Swiss ETA 7-jewel movements, laser-sintered titanium, and leather handmade nubuck straps. The jewels used in these watches are not your envisioned diamonds or sapphires, but rather self-lubricating bearings that increase the life of your watch by decreasing friction and increasing accuracy.


To make these unique time pieces, rvnDSGN starts with titanium powder which fuses layer by layer until the watch is finished. The straps come from Worn & Wound and are designed/ produced in New York.  These rugged looking straps come in two colours; the pebbled graphite nubuck (which compliments the matte silver hardware) and the gold nubuck (which looks great partnered with the black hardware).


Each rvnDSGN time piece is fitted with a sapphire crystal lens.  These crystals are synthetic and measure as a 9 on the mohns scale.  That means that only a diamond is harder.  These unique lenses are scratch proof and virtually unbreakable, ensuring that you’ll have the lens for years to come. They also have incredibly clarity.

For more information on the unique collection rvnDSGN time pieces check out the Official Website.

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