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Finding the right pair of sandals can be hard and, let’s face it, expensive.  Not only does it take time and energy to find the right pair, you have to subject yourself to painful callouses as you break them in.  Sigh. If you’re looking to find the right pair of sandals without any fuss, then look no further than the comfortable new Guru Natural Rubber Sandals.


These 100% natural biodegradable sandals were created by friends Prem Thomas and Joe Choorpuzha.  They wanted to make a pair of sandals that were inspired by their Indian roots.  The Guru sandals are based off of a 5,000 year old design. Well, sort of.  The makers of the Guru Sandals redesigned them based on the ancient wooden sandals and utilized rubber instead of wood and featured an ankle strap, making for a much more comfortable fit. Believe it or not, Mahatma Gandhi even wore these sandals (the original design, that is).

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The rubber sourced for the shoes comes from rubber farms in Southern India.  The process involved for getting the rubber is similar to that used for obtaining maple syrup, and rubber can be harvested from a tree daily for 25 years without causing any harm. The natural rubber used to make the Guru Sandals means that they will eventually biodegrade – though it will take quite a while before that happens, so don’t worry.  The rubber is hand rolled in India and the sole of the sandal is thick, ensuring that you’ll stay supported and comfortable throughout your day.


The shoes are made from eco-friendly natural rubber which is sustainably extracted.  That means no guilt from having plastics, animal product or destructive chemicals in your shoes!  These are a green-friendly pair of sandals.   Not only that, Prem and Joe have even promised to plant a tree for every pair that is sold.

The shoes are fully adjustable as the strap twists, allowing for a customizable ankle fit.  The sandals also feature a traditional India toe post which is arguably more comfortable than standard flip-flops and easy to move around in.

For more information on the Guru’s Natural Rubber Sandals, check out their Kickstarter Campaign or their Official Website.

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    I can’t wait to try these sandals!! They look so comfy.

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