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Remember all those times in college where you would wake up feeling like your brain was exploding?  Then, the next morning when you were piecing together the fragmented memories of the previous night, you would undoubtedly blame the tequila?  Poor tequila has had the finger pointed at it time and time again.  Think about all the bad tequila you’ve ever had and banish the memories because tequilas reputation is changing – and it’s all thanks to Tequila Tromba.


Tequila Tromba is the brainchild of Aussie mates Nick Reid and James Sherry. Tromba was born in 2007 when Reid spent time in Mexico as part of his university exchange.  He fell in love with the country, fell in love with a woman, and fell in love with tequila. Reid spent years at family gatherings and work functions getting to know all there was about the spirit, like how it was produced and the subtleties in tastes.  When his partner in crime, James Sherry, came round to visit, James fell hard for the drink.  Partnering up with their Canadian associate, Eric Bass, and their expert Mexican distiller, Marco Cedano, the friends set to work making one of the finest products to grace the world.  Their goal?  To change the reputation of tequila from party drink to connoisseurs delight. We think they’ve succeeded.

What makes Tequila Tromba different?

Changes are the tequila you have had in the past is not the real stuff.  Many brands of the spirit are made from cactus.  This is not the proper way to make it.  Genuine tequila is actually made from the Blue Agave plant and if it is legitimate it should be coming from the Jalisco region in Mexico.  You know how real champagne only comes from Champagne in France and everything else is technically sparkling white wine?  Same sort of deal here. Tequila Tromba has a smooth and subtle alcohol which can be enjoyed neat or to add an extra punch to your favourite cocktail.  Throw those lime slices and salt shakers away – you won’t need them with Tequila Tromba.


We’re pumped for the tequila but we’re also excited to see an Aussie company doing so well.  They’re not the only ones.  For more Aussie Spirits that are making a mark on the international scene, check out The West Wind Gin and 666 Vodka.

For more information on Tequila Tromba, check out their Official Website.

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