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Are you frustrated with your sense of style (or lack thereof)?  Or do you just hate shopping?  Finding new clothes can be time consuming and breaking out of your style patterns is even more challenging.  If you’re looking for a change but are not sure where to look we can point you to the right direction; The Trunk Club.


Have you ever wanted your own stylist?  You know, someone who can take one look at you, know exactly what would suit your body shape, and then pick out clothes for you?  Stylists are becoming more popular these days as people young and old try to break out of their fashion moulds and adopt new looks.  It’s not just about looking attractive, it’s about looking professional. Stylists are being hired more than ever to help job seekers look the part.

So what does this have to do with The Trunk Club?  The Trunk Club is a really cool new service being offered out of Chicago.  The process involves three steps:

1) Sign up online and fill out a questionnaire. Your questionnaire will be used to pair you up with one of the resident stylists.

2) Your stylist will get to work finding you awesome outfits and plunking them into a trunk.

3) Voila! You receive your trunk of hand selected clothes.  It’s that simple.

The stylists at the Trunk Club are specially trained in classic to contemporary men’s clothing.  They know what brands, colours and sizes will suit you and carry a selection of more than 50 high end brands like Ben Sherman, Gant and Eton.  Shipping is free and once your trunk arrives you have 10 days to decide whether you want to keep all your clothes, return all, or return some.  After 10 days you will be charged for what you decide to keep.


You can connect with your stylist easily through text, website, phone call or iphone apps. If you’re looking for new clothes for a specific event or just want a fresh selection of fashion items from a professional, The Trunk Club is the place for you.

The Trunk Club is easy, professional and fashionable. For more information about them, check out their Official Website.

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