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Bike Lights - Knog

Knog is exactly the type of company we love at The Global Playbook. They take a simple everyday object such as bike lights, add a heap of ingenuity  to make it better in every way, make it more stylish, and then sell it for a reasonable price.

Knog have also put their touch on other products for the stylish cyclist. From bags, locks, cycle computers, tools, gloves and even wallets.

Today we’re featuring one of Knog’s latest successes – the Blinder Light range. Following in the footsteps of the Knog Blinder Silicone Bike Lights. The Knog Blinders are a range of minimalistically beautiful, lightweight, compact bike lights that pack a punch. Available with white or red LEDs for front and back, as the single LED Blinder 1, four LED Blinder 4 , or 4V (four LED strip), these are the must have accessory for the minimalist cyclist.


Bike Lights - Knog Blinder

Knog Blinder 4


Firstly let’s take a closer look at the construction. Each Knog Blinder bike light is housed in a square or rectangular polycarbonate housing that has been certified to IP66. In laymans terms, the Blinders are 100% waterproof and dustproof, even if fully immersed in water.  The Blinders are also comprehensively tested against temperature, shock, vibration, and whatever else could be thrown at it. In fact, I’m pretty confident these bike lights are more hardy than any cyclist.


Bike Lights - Knog Blinder 4 Standard

Knog Blinder 4 Standard in Blue


The Blinder bike light is then attached to your bike with a UV resistant silicone rubber attachment, and aluminium clips. Tool-less, of course so you can attach and detach quickly and easily.


Bike Lights - Knog Blinder 4V

Knog Blinder 4V


Next, all blinders have done away with pesky batteries and moved firmly into 2012 and beyond. All Blinder lights feature a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, charged via USB. Knog claims the Blinder can handle 300 recharges, or the equivalent of 600 AAA batteries. Win-win for the environment and your wallet.


Bike Lights - Knog Blinder Visibility

Knog Blinder Visibility


All this is fairly pointless if the Blinders weren’t amazing at lighting up the road. Of course, Knog have sat down and designed a lens that uses the light produced in the most efficient manner. Knog claims that the Blinder 1 provides visibility up to 500m ,and the Blinder 4 and 4V, 800m. All this of course at the optimal angle perpendicular to the roadso you can see, and more importantly be seen.

Available in a range of colours and designs from the Knog shop, or a range or retailers, and starting at just under $30, listen to your (K)noggin and pick some up!

P.S: For a limited time only, like Knog’s Facebook page to be in with a chance to win 1 of 10 sets of Knog Blinders!




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