The New Pebble Steel Watch is Stylish and Smart

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The original Pebble smartwatch was one of the first big Kickstarter success stories, but it’s functional design catered to particular tastes – the new Pebble Steel model is as refined on the outside as it is on the inside.

The Pebble Steel

Offered in both brushed stainless steel and black matte variants, the new Pebble Steel strikes you immediately as a far more grown-up accessory than the original Pebble. That’s not to say that the original wasn’t an attractive product in it’s own right, but it’s clear that it was made with a different audience in mind – the rubber strap on the original Pebble would have looked rather out of place paired with a suit, but the milled stainless steel of this new model would look completely at home when you’re dressing to look your best.

Paramount to the design ethos of the Pebble is user customizability, and this is reflected in the physical body of the Pebble Steel as well as in the software. Both a leather strap and a metal strap are included as standard with purchase, so depending on your personal preference or whatever a particular day calls for you’ll be able to modify your watch to suit – and that’s to say nothing of the software-side customization. One of the main appeals of the original Pebble was the immense scope for what you could do with it in terms of downloading apps and watchfaces, and since the inner workings of the Pebble Steel are the same, there is already a wealth of content available to download.

If having a smartwatch appealed to you but the clean but simplistic design of the original Pebble did not, then the Pebble Steel is a real no brainer, offering all the benefits of a piece of tech on your wrist in a far more attractive package. The Pebble Steel will begin shipping at the end of January, and is available for purchase from the official Pebble web store for $249.

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