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You might not have heard of Moda, and you wouldn’t be the only one.  What is Moda?  To put it simply, Moda is an annual event in the UK that showcases new fashion.  The event brings together the hottest collections from your favourite designers; everything from apparel, to footwear and accessories will be under one roof.

This year’s event will be held on August 11th – 13th in Birmingham, England, at the National Exhibition Centre. The three day event will feature a variety of different shows ranging from men/ women’s wear, lingerie and accessories.


Moda Gent is where the action is at.  To put it simply, if you are a fashionable person but lazy shopper, then Moda is the answer you have been waiting for.  This is also the place to find hot new brands before your friends do – in fact 80% of the people who attend Moda are searching for exciting new labels to try.  Not only that, but 82% of attendees agree that Moda helped them make buying decisions. The show will feature collections of everything from casual/ business wear to belts, ties, hats and bags. If you enjoy Moda Gent, then check out FLIP.  FLIP covers men and womens wear for the urban, denim, street and lifestyle sectors.

The August show will feature a wealth of different fashion exhibitors, including Carducci, Daniel Voi, Espionage Clothing, Florentino, Gant, McCarthy Jeans, Nagano, Santa Cruz, and many more. Moda is not just about the clothing, though.  It’s about business.  In addition to the catwalk shows there will also be a series of seminars targeted to those who work in retail, including lectures on how to increase your sales and marketing.

There is something for everyone at Moda, and if you’re tired of scouring the malls in search of your next purchase, then this exhibition is for you.  For more information on Moda Gents, check out the Official Website.

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