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Let’s face it; it’s easier than you think to break your smart phone screen. We’re also a lot clumsier than we like to admit.  Lucky for us there are a bunch of companies out there who are working to protect our phones from us, and one of them is Tech21. If you’re looking for a screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone, other popular phone, the Tech21 Impact Shield is what you need.

Founded in 2006, this UK based company has been hard at work to find all the ways to keep phone screens safe. The folks at Tech21 are the leading authority on Impactology, their own study of impact, and are busy in the labs learning all they can about the things that make our phones break. Lucky for us they have succeeded wonderfully, creating the simple but functional Impact Shield.


The Impact Shield is the latest addition to their collection of stylish, robust and trendy products built and designed to protect your mobile and tablet screens. The Impact Shield itself ranges in price from $19.99 – $23.99, depending on what product it is that you are wishing to protect. The Impact Shield by Tech21 is easy to apply and won’t leave you with any of those annoying screen bubbles. Featuring self-healing anti-scratch technology this cool shield helps to further protect your phone with a multilayer system.  The material used in this shield is the same kind that is used in bullet proof glass.


You might be worried that the screen will interfere with your touchscreen abilities, but fear not – not only is the Tech21 Impact Shield perfectly clear for optimum visibility, it is also super thin so that you can still use the touch screen.

If you like the Impact Shield, be sure to also check out Tech21’s Impact Snap and their Official Website for more details. The Impact Shield can be purchased off of the Tech21 website.

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