Secret Botanicals for Sophisticated Males – Langley’s No 8 Gin

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Langley’s No 8 is one of the latest gins on the market, as gin makes a comeback in the popularity stakes. Sitting at 41.7% alcohol by volume, and distilled from 100% English grain spirit, with 8 secret botanicals, this is an English style gin aimed at the sophisticated gin aficionado.

Langley’s have hand crafted the No 8 with a true English spirit (pun not intended). The distillery in Birmingham was founded almost a century ago, and is still family owned today by the Palmer family. The No 8 itself is distilled in a small copper pot still affectionately known as “Connie” named after the Master Distiller’s late mother, Constance.  Connie the copper pot still was made in 1960 by the oldest pot producers in the world – John Dore & Co. In case you’re wondering these guys are still producing copper stills today! Langley’s claim this process enables them to deliver a consistent small batch distillation for optimum quality in each and every bottle. Needless to say, the Langley’s No 8 is created with no cosmetic flavours or botanicals.

In the creation of the No 8, Langley’s developed 50 gins, that was refined to 12 batches and tested with an expert tasting panel as well as consumer groups to  to create what Langley’s claim is a smooth, lingering and yet robust flavour profile unique to Langley’s No.8.  Batch number 8 by the way was the one that unanimously delivered – thus the name Langley’s No. 8.

Langley’s recommend the No 8 with lime and tonic in the ultimate Gin and Tonic, or with vermouth and olive brine for the Gentleman’s Martini.

Langley’s No 8 is available now in the UK for £30 per 700 ml bottle from specialist retailers. The Global Playbook has hit Langley’s up for their plans to expand abroad – stay tuned. If you are lucky enough to try it – please let us know your thoughts!

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