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The section on the Tanner Goods website which espouses their ethos is refreshingly earnest. Making is clearly just as important a part of the process as designing in this company, and the photographs of their workshop-like premises make it clear that this is a company that are dedicated to every step of the process of producing top-quality leather goods.

The Tanner Utility Bifold in Dark Oak

The Tanner Utility Bifold in Dark Oak

Whilst Tanner Goods make products ranging from belts to dog collars, their line of wallets are a particularly attractive proposition. Flying in the face of  over-complicated, over-designed wallets, Tanner Goods make hard-wearing wallets that are clearly designed with function as their primary concern.

That’s not to say they’re not aesthetically attractive products, it’s just that much of the visual appeal of these wallets are in their spartan form and hand-crafted nature. These wallets differentiate themselves from the pack by being almost completely without design flourishes, evidence that Tanner’s designers are very savvy to the appeal of simplicity in what is, after all, something that’s in your pocket to do a very specific job.

The Tanner Journeyman in Dark Oak

The Tanner Journeyman in Dark Oak

Tanner Goods make reference to the fact that their work is heavily influenced by the past, but even if they hadn’t have said it outright, you could probably tell just by looking at their products. These are working designs, beautiful not in spite of their simplicity and practicality but because of it – and it’s very refreshing to see.

Tanner Goods make their wallets to order, and can be purchased from their official web store. The two wallets featured in this post are the Utility Bifold, which retails for $75 USD and the Journeyman, which retails for $60 USD. Other colours and a wider range of wallets and other goods are available on their website.

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