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Beats by Dre has been dominating the headphones competition lately, but another very popular option with just as much quality are the Skullcandy Navigator Headphones. These headphones not only offer you an incredible sound quality but do so with great style, comfort, and affordability.


Skullcandy tells you that buying their Navigator headphones will allow you to “experience music as it was meant to be heard.” As it turns out, this slogan is no empty promise. The bass comes in extremely clear and strong through these headphones. Also, the sound remains distortion free, even at high volumes. Listening to music with the Skullcandy Navigator Headphones is truly an experience. Few headphones will give you sound with this level of quality.

The design for the Skullcandy Navigator Headphones is another thing to love. First off, they look amazing. Their sleek and stylish look is bolstered by the fact that they adjust comfortably to your ears and are designed to fit the specific shape of your head. Headphones can look a bit bulky sometimes. The wrong ones can be a tacky fashion statement. But, the Navigator Headphones’ perfect, low-key fit make them ideal for wearing out in public. Also, the cord is specially designed to eliminate tangle.

These headphones aren’t only to be used for music. You can also control your iOS device with the Skullcandy Navigator Headphones. With the use of the 3 button mic, you can make and receive phone calls, as well as control the tracks being played. Any respectable electronic device is multifunctional these days and the Navigator Headphones fall into that category.


The price tag on these headphones is very reasonable for such a great pair of headphones. At just $99, you can own a pair of Skullcandy Navigator Headphones. That’s much less than a pair of Beats, while getting a similar level of quality, performance, and functionality. If you’re interested in buying a pair or checking out some reviews, go to the headphones’ Amazon page.


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