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Studio XO is at the forefront of fashion technology.  The niche company set up base in London in 2011 and have been busily working away with the entertainment industries to bring us the coolest stuff in the fashion world – just ask Lady Gaga or the Black Eyed Peas; both are fans of Studio XO.


The Bubbelle dress made famous by Lady Gaga

2012 saw Studio XO team up with celebrity stylist Frank Strachan for the creation and design of interactive footwear and body armor for the JLS 4D Tour.  The tour was envisioned as virtual and computer gaming world and Studio XO were commissioned to come up with some designs to transform the band into 21st Century cyborgs.   The Studio XOs Astral Video Trainers contain over 300 super bright white and green LED lights. Utilizing a custom controller with movement sensors these fashion technology shoes also integrate mini OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays into the trainers tongue, allowing for further digital manipulation and advertising.

Fashion Technology

The JLS Astrol Video Trainers

Working together with Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, Studio XO created the Meissa, meaning “The Shining One”.  The Meissa also utilizes OLED technology found in the “digital diamonds” which is integrated into leather to give it extra depth and protect the delicate OLED glass.  Each OLED is animated through a custom built distribution controller.  The Meissa was one of three garments the company designed for the Black Eyed Peas Beginning World Tour of 2011.

Fashion Technology

The Meissa catsuit worn by Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas

What’s in store for the future of Studio XO?  Let’s just say that their visions bend the mind and hit home with some of the coolest sci-fi ideas out there.  A dress that changes colour when you swipe it, light emitting micro-robots to brighten up your veins, electric eyes that change colour with a blink and, brace yourself, a dress made from human flesh, are just a few of the ideas that are floating around the minds of the makers.  Fashion technology might even develop to the extent that micro-robots will assemble your clothes on you.  Will it happen?  Only time will tell.

For more information on Studio XO, check out their Official Website and Vimeo Channel.  They are also featured in the February issue of WIRED Magazine.

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