TGPs 5 Hit Songs Of The Week 04.02.2013

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Anise K feat. Snoop Dogg & Bella Blue – Walking On Air

Anise K is a music producer with Sony Music Entertainment and his new track Walking On Air is an extremely peaceful electronic dance track which sounds like a chart topper in the making. The Australian producer teams up with Bella Blue and the one and only Snoop Dogg on Walking On Air and together these three have produced a masterpiece. The music has variety, consistency, a great subtle bass line and some unique instrumental sounds reflecting Anise’s Persian origins. Bella Blue has amazing light and shade in her voice and Snoop Dogg just has to make an appearance to give a track that one of a kind flare. Could Anise K be the next big electronic music artist out of Australia? We think so and it’s only a matter of time before we see him up there with the likes of Guetta, Hardwell and Avicii.



Aziz feat. Ground Up – Numb

Numb is the new song from New Hampshire hip hop artist Aziz and Philly based hip hop trio Ground Up. Numb has a super catchy piano riff which is worked in with the electronic backing track and the hip hop lyrics just bring it all together perfectly.



Starkillers, Dmitry KO & Amba Shepherd – Let The Love

Let The Love is a roller coaster of a trance track  from Starkillers, Dmitry KO and Amba Shepherd, with some energetic pumping sections and some mellow vocal parts this one is a wild ride. The fast paced bass line makes this a real upbeat and positive track, and if you are a fan of cool film clips then check this one out, the double lives portrayed in the video makes for a good watch.



Chubz feat. The Royal – Keg Stands & Jello Shots

Want to hear a song which is basically the definition of happiness? Well Chubz and The Royal have put together Keg Stands & Jello Shots and is purely about having a good time. Keg Stands & Jello Shots can be easily described as hip hop meets punk rock. The punk rock music from The Royal is super upbeat and just makes you want to party and Chubz makes it look like punk and rapping were meant to be together with some great rhymes and a slightly different pace to match the band and it works perfectly.



Kyau & Albert – All Your Colours

Kyau & Albert have just released their track All Your Colours which has some slower vocals combined with a fast paced track, and if this is hard to understand just hit play below for it all to make sense. The German duo describe their music as Euphonic and keeping up with the cool video clips, check out from about 2:15 when they turn the guy’s into computer generated ninjas swinging Star Wars lightsabers, it looks pretty awesome.



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