TGPs 5 Hit Songs Of The Week 04.03.2013

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Dash Berlin ft. Chris Madin – Fool For Life

Here’s a bit of Dash Berlin to kick off your week with Fool For Life featuring Chris Madin. Dash brings his famous big sounds, deep bass lines and energetic beat to Fool For Life which just makes you want to get up and party. Dash’s new vocal anthem features the UK vocalist Chris Madin, and although I normally prefer female vocalists in trance tracks Chris’s powerful voice sounds amazing and really brings the track to life. If you know Dash you already know this track is going to rock, but if don’t you should really do yourself a favour and hit play below and enjoy the ride.



Eve feat. Gabe Saporta – Make It Out This Town

Remember Eve? Well the Princess of Hip Hop is back with Make It Out This Town featuring Gabe Saporta from Cobra Starship. The smooth flows and beautifully crafted lyrics which made us all fall in love with Eve years ago are finally back and this girl hasn’t dropped a beat. Gabe Saporta has a purely harmonic voice which compliments Eve’s rapping perfectly. Put in a mellow chilled backing track with a good beat and you have Make It Out This Town, one sweet hip hop track. If this is anything to go by we are going to be seeing a lot more of Eve in the near future.



Carly Rae Jepsen – Tonight I’m Getting Over You

The girl with the most addictive voice on the planet is back with her new single Tonight I’m Getting Over You. Carly Rae Jepsen still has her unique style written all over the track with her innocent yet strong voice, but the dance styled backing track opens this track up to a whole new audience and shows her growth as an artist. Verging on 6 million views after just one week, Tonight I’m Getting Over you has all the signs of a chart topper so look out for it on the radio very soon.



Avicii & Project 46 feat. You & Daphne – Crime

Project 46 took some samples from the Avicii X You project and created their own track called Crime. It is basically the same track as X You by Avicii but with some added vocals so its easier to listen to. Now firstly to credit Avicii, he asked fans from all around the world to submit sounds and mixed the best of these together to create X You. It has all the Avicii signature styles like his strong bass line, upbeat melody, energetic treble sounds and just an all round positive feel. Now vocal trance is always more popular with the masses and in this case there is no exception. Project 46 go together with Daphne and put some vocals over the top of X You and the track Crime was born, all the best sounds from Avicii with some vocals that everyone loves. If you are a trance fan and want to hear something a little different this one is well worth checking out.


Cascada – Glorious

Cascada is back with her new anthem-styled house track, Glorious. Cascada’s voice is known to fill a room, it is so powerful and melodic and sounds perfect even without a backing track. However, Glorious also has a pumping house dance styled backing track which has a great upbeated tempo which makes you want to bust a move on the dance floor. Cascada will be representing Germany in the 2013 Eurovision contest with Glorious, and with the attention it’s already gathered it’s sure to be a big success.



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