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Everyone is looking for ways to save money now a day, and who can blame them?  Rent is going up and groceries seem to be more expensive than ever, and while we seem to be looking at ways to cut costs we almost always look in the wrong directions.  Not treating yourself to ice cream or a trip to the cinema will save you cash, but you can reduce your bills in the longer term with smarter energy for your home.  We’re talking about the cool new Nest Thermostat.


This neat little gadget has got people talking, and for good reason; it can lower your heating and cooling bills by up to 20%.  How?  Nest is the latest in “smart” thermostats, meaning that it follows your heating habits and builds a schedule for you.  Currently only 11% of programmable thermostats on the market are programmed to reduce your bills, though many people find them too complicated to use and so don’t bother to learn them properly.  The Nest Learning Thermostat is more user friendly and tests have shown that 3 out of 4 people can install the Nest in under 30 minutes.  Most of us never think about it, but having a proper thermostat is key to energy reduction – half of your home’s energy is used from it.  That’s more than lighting, TV, appliances, computers and stereos combined.

When you wake up in the morning, set the temperature to how you want it to be.  When you leave, go to sleep or when the sun is warming up the house naturally, you adjust it further.  The Nest Thermostat will recognize your patterns and copy your schedule so that you no longer have to manually adjust it.  If a day is particularly hot or cold and you make an adjustment it won’t reset your whole schedule but if you do it regularly the Nest Thermostat will figure it out.  When you’re saving energy you will notice the Nest Leaf™ appears on your thermostat.  Shifting the temperature just by one degree can cut your energy consumption by up to %5.

The Energy History function allows you to evaluate how much energy you are using and how minor adjustments affect your overall consumption.  If reducing your consumption is the main item on your list, then Nest will email you a monthly report with a summary of your use and how it can be reduced.  You can also adjust the Nest via your smart phone, meaning that if you’re heading home and want the house nice and warm you can adjust it before you leave or even on the car ride back.


The latest design of the Nest Thermostat is 20% thinner than the original and, thanks to the premium solid stainless steel ring, will reflect the wall colours around it, enabling it to match your décor.  If you’re looking to save money this winter, look no further than the Nest Thermostat.   For more details, check out their Official Website.

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