The Toughest Obstacle Courses Around

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When you think of obstacle races you might get flashbacks to your youth of jumping over tires or ducking under tree branches.  While, in principal, that is still an obstacle race, countless people across the globe are taking the sport to higher (and more terrifying) levels.  Check out our recommendations for the toughest Obstacle Courses out there.

The Tough Mudder Obstacle Course


You may have heard of Tough Mudder before, after all; it does have quite the reputation. Tough Mudder is one of the toughest obstacle courses ever made.  In fact, it was designed by the British Special forces in order to test strength, stamina, camaraderie and mental ability.  To date, 700,000 people have taken part in Tough Mudder around the world.

This obstacle course is the ultimate challenge; 10–12 miles of some of the most painful and humiliating obstacles you’ll ever experience.  Swim through freezing waters, scale walls, squeeze through claustrophobic tubes, scramble up muddy cliffs, run through fire, scrape through barbed wire and, yes, even get electrocuted.  Who wouldn’t want to give that a shot??   Tough Mudder takes place in various locations around the globe.  For more information, check out their Official Website.


The Death Race Obstacle Course


What’s in a name, anyway?  The Death Race is part of the notorious Spartan Races and the toughest one at that!  What makes it so unique?  Well, to start it is 40 miles, takes 24 – 48+ hours to complete and 90% of those who start do not finish.  What can you expect at the race?  It’s hard to say as the race map and obstacles are kept secret.  You might have to chop wood for 2 hours, or lift 30 lbs rocks for 5 hours.  You might have to build a fire from scratch, chop up onions or have to recite biblical verses from the top of a mountain after being awake and moving for 26 hours.  Needless to say, the Death Race obstacle course is not for the faint hearted.  For more information, check out the Official Website.


The Run for your Lives Obstacle Course


The Run for your Lives Obstacle Race is terrifying to say the least.  Not only will you be up against challenging obstacles, but you have to do it while being chased by brain-hungry zombies!  Run through mud, water and blood.  Leap over items in your path.  If you feel that there is an obstacle in your path which is far too challenging, then you can go around; just accept the fact that this will lead you into areas filled with even more zombies.   The race also does something quite unique; it doesn’t have a defined route.  There is a start line and a finish line, but the route you go is up to you and only time will tell if you make it there – alive or dead.  For more information, check out the Official Website.

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