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toms_campus_classicsToms Campus Classics is the ultimate representation of American School Spirit. Based on the quintessential Toms Classic slip-on shoes, the Campus Classics are a range kitted out in the school colours of some of the most famous tertiary institutions the Land of the Free has to offer. USC Berkley, UCLA, Penn State, Oklahoma, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Arizona, Syracuse, Ohio, Kentucky, Texas – they’re all here and more! Unfortunately the Ivy League schools are missing however.

For those new to Toms, the Classics are a lightweight canvas shoe with an elastic ‘V’ for easy on and off. A durable, one piece outsole completes these simple, but amazingly comfortable shoes. Great for almost any occasion, they come in a range of different colour combinations and variations in materials. They also have evolved the range into other foot based loving such as the laced Cordones, and a variety of great looking sunnies.

Best of all, Toms are perhaps the most community sensitive shoe company ever with programs such as the One to One program. Started by Tom’s owner Blake Mycoskie, this unique program has run from the start and donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold. To date, over 2 million pairs have been donated. Even more amazingly, their equivalent sunglasses range promises help to restore sight to millions around the world for every pair of sunnies sold. Possibly the best sales pitch I’ve heard in a while, continue to be amazed at and a solid favourite at The Global Playbook.

The Toms Campus Classic collection is officially licensed by the Collegiate Licensing Company so rest assured you are representing and pledging your allegiance right. Priced at $48, and available in men’s sizes US 7 to US 14, its a total bargain for school pride. Check out the cheerfully colorful range and start to represent today!


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