Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon

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Wild Turkey is describing it as a more masculine choice to spiced rum with its new Wild Turkey Spiced bourbon set to launch in the US in mid-September. We could debate the masculinity of rum drinking for a while, especially given its the drink of choice for pirates (the proper old school swash-buckling ones, not their modern day AK wielding equivalents). Wild Turkey have covered this off though, with a convincing counter argument - “we considered putting a pirate on the label until we realised pirates wear tights”.

We could continue debating this with quite a bit of fun, but obviously, this is aimed at the bourbon novice, or the spiced rum drinker looking for something a bit different. In other words, Wild Turkey have basically lined up their cannons targeting a certain Captain named Morgan. Vanilla bean, cloves and cinnamon are mentioned as the spices used, and the bourbon is aged in american oak, with the company keen the emphasise the inventive Caribbean island vibe with its new release.

Wild Turkey Spiced will be bottled at 86% proof or 43% alcohol by volume. Prices are expected to be around $23 for a 700 ml bottle in the US. Add your usual international adjustments – especially if you’re in Australia, though no dates are currently mentioned for international release.

Regardless, it’s definitely a great step for Wild Turkey who have also introduced a few items to their range in recent times. We’ve also tried the Wild Turkey Rye here at The Global Playbook, and are keen to check out the bourbon-rye blend Forgiven that was allegedly created by accident. Of course there’s always the American Honey, or the interesting Jim Beam Devil’s Cut. Or for something different, but similarly pirate themed, there’s always the awesome The West Winds Gin range for a unique Aussie cross pirate twist.

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